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We Found The Best Long-Lasting Lipsticks By Eating Tacos


Quality lipstick can survive a taco apocalypse.

Let me start by saying I have a lipstick stash larger than Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection. I’m addicted to buying all different brands and colors, and I’m ashamed to say that sometimes I only wear the color once or twice before moving on to the next best thing. When it comes to choosing my favorite lipsticks, it boils down to one thing: longevity. I’m talking about the kind that only has to be applied a couple of times a day because the color stays on so damn well.

So, I decided to take a handful of my favorite lippies to complete the ultimate test (read: scarfing down tacos) to see which ones were actually worth purchasing. The idea was simple: on a scale of one to five tacos, I’d rate how well the color stayed on my lips and/or how much goop rubbed off on the taco shell. It was a tough job, but in the name of beauty, somebody had to do it.

Lipstick 1: Laura Mercier: Rose

Takeaway: Ummm, so this rubbed off all over the taco, as indicated in the picture below. And for the record, it’s not exactly appetizing to eat the excess lipstick stamped on a fish taco.


Lipstick 2: MAC Mineralize Rich: Tropical Buzz

Takeaway: Seriously? This is one of my favorite lip colors because it moisturizes my lips and the orange color is vibrant without being obnoxious — but once again, it smudged all over the taco, which is just nasty.


Lipstick 3: Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte: Rich Ruby

Takeaway: Though the color stayed nicely on my lips after biting into the taco a few times, it still managed to rub off on the shell, giving it a nice red stain — definitely better than the first two lipsticks, though!


Lipstick 4: Benefit Lolli Tint

Takeaway: I wear this tint almost daily on my lips and cheeks, and it usually does a pretty good job of staying on. I was very impressed that it held up for a taco, but it did smear just a litttttle bit in the corner of my mouth.


Lipstick 5: Topshop: Depth

Takeaway: The dark lip color that my mom is afraid of made a little bit of a mess on my hands, but not really the taco shell. However, the color managed to stay pretty well on my lips! Not bad for a vampire.


Lipstick 6: Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipcolor: Nude

Takeaway: I knew this one would hold up swimmingly. I usually put this baby on in the morning and it lasts the entire day. The color didn’t budge at all or get on the taco. Bam.


Lipstick 7: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipcolor: Violet

Takeaway: Well, this was one big goopy mess. While I love this vivid purple color, it takes forever to dry and I’m convinced it never dries completely. It rubbed so much on the taco shell that I could taste the lipstick formula in my mouth while biting into a spicy taco.


Lipstick 8: MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor: Quite The Standout

Takeaway: Another winner! Just like the Revlon Colorstay, this M.A.C. lipstick held up much better than their Mineralize Rich formula I used earlier. Not only did it dry in lightning speed, but there were no remnants on the taco and the color stayed bright the rest of the day. Five taco shells for this bad boy, which as the color says, was “quite the standout.”